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The Unknown Scientist Institute

To Know The World, And Those That Made It Possible

The Unknown Scientist Institute is an underwater and aerospace research 501(c)(3) founded in 2022 by Dr. Giugi Carminati, JSD, Esq. Its Board of Directors is made up of Dr. Jonathan Clark, MD, Dr. Alex Garbino, MD, PhD, and Dr. Nan Hauser, PhD. 

The Unknown Scientist Institute was named after the countless women scientists, researchers, mathematicians, and explorers who had their advancements incorporated into history but their names were forever lost to it.

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We proudly raise money for and fund a variety of research. At this time, we are focused on Humpback whale research and tout the following achievements:

A 5-year NOAA Parts Permit to sequence Humpback whale DNA.

A successful $17,000 campaign to raise funds to sequence a Humpback whale genome.

The first-ever full haploid reference genome of Humpback whales, assembled and annotated.

Preliminary PSMC population modeling based on a single Humpback whale reference genome.

Ongoing efforts to use MSMC to perform population modeling on the Humpback whale genome and other sequenced DNA.

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