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  • The Livable Law Method: Project Management to Battle Burnout and Reduce Attrition in Solo, Small, and Plaintiffs’ Firms, (2021).

    • Featured in the US Times, Stars of Entrepreneurship, New York Business Now, Business Sharks Magazine, and Hustle Weekly.

  • What Does Risk Mean in this New ‘Risky Space Business'?, Maria-Vittoria “Giugi” Carminati, Ed. Brill Nijohoff (2019).

  • The Laws of Space Flight: A Guidebook for New Space Lawyers, Maria-Vittoria G. Carminati, Matt Kleiman, and Jenifer Lamie, ABA Publishing, August 2012, ABA Best Seller.


Litigation Finance

Legal Tech, E-Discovery, and Legal Project Management

  • “Legal Project Management and Attorney Well-Being: An Underutilized Tool,” The 1891, Colorado Women’s Bar Association Blog (Jun. 23, 2021).

  • “A New (and Unexpected) Tool for Improving Diversity and Inclusion -- Legal Project Management,” S. Lambreth and M-V. Carminati, PinHawk Legal Administrator Daily (Jan. 6, 2021).

  • “E-Discovery Starts Before the Complaint Gets Filed,” American Bar Association Litigation Section (Dec. 22, 2020).

  • “How to Standardize Operations so Your Firm is Prepared for Anything,” Rocket Matter’s Legal Productivity (Oct. 20, 2017).

  • “Productivity Tips for Lawyers Who Want to Get Home for Dinner,” Rocket Matter’s Legal Productivity (Oct. 11, 2017).

  • “Gender Bias and Productivity: What Female Lawyers Need to Know,” Rocket Matter’s Legal Productivity (Sep. 14, 2017).

Practice Pointers & Legal Analysis

  • “Sometimes Life Knocks You Down: Lawyering and Being a Mom, While Running for Office in 2020,” The 1891, Colorado Women’s Bar Association Blog, Dec. 13, 2020.

  • “Using It. Drinking It. Trading It. A Primer on H2O,” Summer 2016: Water and Climate Change, Int’l Law News, American Bar Association, Vol. 45 No. 1 (Summer 2016).

  •  “Silence is not Golden When it Comes to Whistleblower Law,” Fuel Fix Column, Houston Chronicle (Jun. 8, 2015).

  • “Tips for Young Lawyers at Mediation,” Commercial & Business Litigation Newsletter, ABA Litigation Section, co-author with Celeste R. Coco-Ewing (May 30, 2014).

  • “The FRCP 26 Amendments Three Years Later: There’s an Elephant In That Rising Fog!” Commercial & Business Litigation Newsletter, ABA Litigation Section (Summer 2013).

  • “Texas Venue Transfers Based on Convenience and Justice Come Up Short on Justice,” M.-V. Carminati, A. Waheed, ABA Commercial & Business Litigation Newsletter, Winter 2013.

  • “Deposing a Witness under the Hague Convention in a Mexican Court,” Proof, ABA Trial Evidence Committee Newsletter, Jan. 3, 2011.

  • “Case Updates: Airlines Can Be Fined for Transporting Aliens – But Not Permanent Residents – Without Appropriate Documentation Even If They Are Paroled Into the U.S.,” ABA Aviation and Space Law Committee News, Summer 2010.

  • “Clean Air & Stormy Skies: The EU-ETS Imposing Carbon Credit Purchases on United States Airlines,” Syracuse Journal of International Law and Commerce, Spring 2010.

Space Law

  • “Space Force: Do we need it and is it legal? It depends.” Circuits, Tex. Bar. Assoc. (Dec. 1, 2018).

  • “The Prometheus Promise: The Virgin Galactic Crash and the Price of Defying of our Limitations,” SciTech Journal, ABA Science & Technology Section (Spring 2015).

  • “Who Owns Resources in Celestial Bodies?,” Daily Journal San Francisco, Vol. 120 No. 220 (Wed. Nov. 12, 2014).

  • "Is Statutory Immunity For Spaceflight Operators Good Enough?," Legislation and Policy Brief: Vol. 6: Iss. 1, Article 2 (Fall 2014).

  • “‘Doctor, Doctor, Can I Go?” Medical Rules, Standards, and Guidelines for Suborbital Space,’” Cross-Talk: Space Law in Down-to-Earth English, Space Safety Magazine (Mar. 28, 2014).

  • “French National Space Legislation: A Brief "Parcours" of A Long History,” 36 Hous. J. Int'l L. 1 (Winter 2014).

  • “The FAA’s Six-Stepped Staircase to Space,” Cross-Talk: Space Law in Down-To-Earth English, Space Safety Magazine (Oct. 3, 2013).

  • “A 150 Shades of ‘Assumption,’” Cross-Talk: Space Law in Down-To-Earth English, Space Safety Magazine (Sep. 16, 2013).

  • “A Review of the Principles Governing Arbitrator Pre-Selection Interview,” M.-V. Carminati, ABA Section of International Law Newsletter, 2013, Vol. 1, Issue 1.

  • “The Optional Rules for Arbitration of Disputes Relating to Outer Space Activities: A Comparison to the UNCITRAL Rules,” Los Angeles County Bar Association, Vol. 1, No. 1, October 2012.

  • “Sub-orbital Commercial Human Spaceflight and Informed Consent in the United States,” M.-V. Carminati, D. Griffith, M. Campbell, Acta Astronautica (Elsevier Publishing), available online August 18, 2012.

  • “Breaking Boundaries by Coming Home: The FAA’s Issuance of a ‘Reentry License’ to SpaceX.” ABA Air and Space Lawyer, Vol. 24, No. 2, 2011.

  • “Commercial Sub-Orbital Human Spaceflight and Informed Consent,” Aviat Space Environ Med. 82(2):144-6, Feb. 2011.



  • “Lawyers’ Ethical Duty of Tech Competence: The Ethical Requirements of Proper Document Management and E-Discovery,” Geek Like a Girl (December 2020).

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